Eileen Bjorkman

I tell veterans' stories.
Looking for a speaker on aviation-related topics? I have a number of prepared presentations and can tailor a presentation or build a new one based on the needs of your organization. Please use the contact form to ask me about specific dates and topics.

Sample Aviation Presentations:

- A Brief History of Homebuilt Aircraft

- Do-It-Yourself Airplanes: Plans, Kits and Original Designs

- Designing, Building, and Flight Testing a Homebuilt Aircraft to Set a World Distance Record

- Beyond the Right Stuff: Edwards AFB in the 1980s and 1990s--the F-16, C-17 and More

- Aircraft specific talks: F-16, F-8, F-100

Non-Aviation Topics:

- Bad Roads, Good People: Exploring the Heart of China and Russia in the Tire Tracks of the 1908 Great Race

- Making Your Point: Using and Abusing Statistics